Daily Weather | Wed, July 21st, 2021

IMPORTANT: As of today, I am making the ‘Daily Weather’ email forecast a free subscription available to all. If you are already subscribed to the paid version, you may unsubscribe and resubscribe to the free list at any time. If you are already subscribed to the paid version and would like to leave it at that ($7/month or $70 year), I will consider it a donation to Chambana Weather, and community supported weather services for east-central Illinois.

With the increasing load in my primary role as Senior Meteorologist for Nutrien Ag Solutions I am finding it harder and harder to maintain a quality, reliable, every-single-day local weather service on the side. Additionally, my family will become my primary focus late-summer and early fall. A sizeable chunk of the community is already aware that my wife will be undergoing a major surgery at the end of the summer and my time is likely to become even more squeezed during that period. There may be interruptions in the Daily Weather email delivery, and I do not think it would be fair to continue to charge for a daily deliverable that may not arrive daily without making some adjustments to expectations.

Finally, as social media networks continue to evolve and adjust their focus, their efficiency and reliability as a method of getting important weather information in front of as many eyes as possible continues to decline. I want the option to have the daily weather forecast and important hazardous weather information delivered to your inbox to be available to all.

Thank you.

Here is your Champaign-Urbana Forecast from Meteorologist Andrew Pritchard... For today, mostly sunny and hazy with a high of 82 degrees. Northeast wind 5 mph... Tonight, clear skies with a low of 64 degrees. Northeast wind 5 mph... Tomorrow, partly cloudy with a high of 83 degrees. South wind 5 mph... Tomorrow night, partly cloudy with a low of 68 degrees. Southeast wind 5 mph... And for Friday, sunny with a high of 86 degrees. Southwest wind 5 mph.

Good Wednesday morning! We’ll continue to see muted, hazy sunshine today as dense smoke from western U.S. wildfires continue to flow overhead. Warm and muggy, but dry conditions will continue through the weekend with isolated, low precipitation chances returning early next week.