Daily Weather | Thu, July 22nd, 2021

Here is your Champaign-Urbana Forecast from Chambana Weather Meteorologist Andrew Pritchard... For today, partly cloudy and hazy with an isolated thunderstorm possible late in the day and a high of 84 degrees. South wind 5 mph... Tonight, partly cloudy with a low of 69 degrees. Southeast wind 5 mph... Tomorrow, partly cloudy with a high of 85 degrees. South wind 5 mph... Tomorrow night, clear skies with a low of 70 degrees. Southwest wind 5 mph... And for Saturday, mostly sunny with a high of 89 degrees. Southwest wind 5 to 10 mph.

Good Thursday morning! We’ll see more hazy (wildfire smoke) sunshine today with puffy cumulus clouds becoming more plentiful by mid-day. A stray shower or storm is possible late this afternoon, but most areas should stay dry. Warm and muggy weather continues through the weekend, with the only precipitation chances coming in the form of late-afternoon stay pop-up storms.